LYG's Hoenn Legendaries Figure - Mega Rayquaza, Primal Groudon & Primal Kyogre

The "Legend" is back! An inside look and back story of the development process of LYG's Hoenn Legendary Figure!

What is a "Legend"? In the world of Pokemon, "Legend" is the main storyline throughout the game/movie.

Inn these "Legends", there are mythical beasts that embodies natural phenomenons or specific concepts.

"Legends" are the ultimate force pursued by villains in the Pokemon world.

"Legend" is also buried in fragments of historical site murals, prop introductions, NPC dialogues, etc., waiting for players to discover and explore the ancient legacy.

As the longest, largest, most complex, and most complete collection of elements in LYG's line of figures, this blog will serve as an inside look into the thought and development process of LYG's Hoenn Legendary figure.

For the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) numbering plate, it was only fit to make it into a mural that show cases the ancient drawings of the the three legendaries clashing and features the orb's in a jewelry like holder.

The figure design was inspired by Pokemon's TCG artwork from the Primal Clash and Ancient Origins set.

Many other official Pokemon artworks were used as reference. Creative touches were made to the initial concept art to create more of a style that showcases each Legendary in its own natural environment.

This figure is constructed out of 211 total pieces. Of which, 86 are transparent pieces.

The three legendaries themselves were produced in multiple pieces to allow us to incorporate a mix of both transparent and solid pieces to bring to life the transparent glow the actual Pokemon has in the movie.

Due to the figures being produced in multiple pieces that are made of different materials, it took a lot of trial and error to get the pieces to fit together in a seemingly natural way. The end result is a stunning figure that not only looks natural but also brings out the details of the Pokemon from various scenes in the movie and game.

*Primal Kyogre's body development*

*Primal Groudon's body development*

*Mega Rayquaza's body development*

The details of the flowing clouds are added at the end of each branch of the tornado; the texture of the star field is added to the core; the game Rupture is restored from the ozone layer to break through the clouds and enter the mediation sea and land battles.

The dragon pattern circling in the tornado strengthens the dragon attribute of this skill; the lightning special effect piece fits the storm weather, while supporting the tornado gap to play a role in stabilizing the figure.

Special Effects

There's special effects added around the Legendaries themselves that were inspired by scenes from the movies as well as attack moves/animations that they perform in the games.

Site Characteristics

Primal Kyogre - Ocean

Primal Groudon - Land

Mega Rayquaza - Sky

The green area is the water vapor produced by the collision of magma and ocean waves. Lava, waves, and water vapor have the effect of blowing away near the root of the tornado, showing that Mega Rayquaza has the ability to disperse the sunny and rainy weather caused by Groudon and Kyogre.


As a thank you for supporting us, this figure also comes with additional Pikachu cosplay figures as a gift. These figures feature the three legendaries and is inspired by Pokemon Center's Skytree Town cosplay pictures.

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